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For all your translation needs, whether they are professional, literary documents or personal items (such as invitations). We provide high quality translations and always respect the deadline agreed upon with our clients. Translation possibilities include any language combination between: English, French, Afrikaans and Xhosa.


Send us any audio or video file in French, Afrikaans, English or Xhosa and we will write down word for word what was said. This service can be combined with any of the above-mentioned translation services so that the result reflects both what was said in written format, as well as a relevant translation.


We specialize in consecutive interpretation, i.e. the interpreter listens to a section of speech then either summarizes it or relays the gist. We believe that it is very important that no misunderstanding arise due to words that were simply translated, and not interpreted.

We aim to do more than just translate the words. We will help you as much as possible to understand the cultural nuances, body language and intentions of the person with whom you are speaking.

Our interpretations cover a large field of market and business sectors such as technical machinery, factory visits, specifications, auditing, financial statements, SAP, etc. Sensitive subjects are also treated and interpreted with assurance of complete confidentiality. This may concern political situations, Human Resources matters, protocols, security issues and the likes.

The language scopes for interpretations include any language combination between:

  • French, English and Afrikaans
  • French, English and Xhosa

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